Smart play by my daughter

Yesterday, my wife Dorothy mentioned to my 3-year-old daughter that she needed some new Dodgers gear. Being a San Francisco Giants fan, I challenged that. I asked Tennysen if she wanted a Giants or Dodgers hat. She replied to something about being a princess instead. It reminds me of this scene from Kindergarten Cop (speaking of that movie, there’s an entire blog planned about how great this movie is).

Good call, young daughter. Good call.

I would love for my daughter to be a fan of the same sports teams that I am and share similar passions, but I know that won’t always be the case.

If anything, I’ll be lucky if she has enough interest to root against my teams, which in a way would be nice. Eventually though I don’t believe in pushing her one way or another. If she chooses to side with her mom, that’s fine. Dorothy needs some company, and I do love rivalries. If she chooses another team, that’s fine too. Anyway it’s a great rivalry and might provide more dinner topics.

I must say the Giants though have more interesting characters on their team right now, especially Hunter Pence. Besides can anybody in baseball beat the nickname for Gerald Dempsey “Buster” Posey? Unfortunately, the story behind the nickname is a tad bit disappointing.

For now, I can resort to watching Disney princess movies and Sophia The First with Tennysen, and singing “Let it go.” Actually, I enjoy watching them and there’s no rivalry created, except when I want to turn the channel to a sporting event or if she doesn’t like my singing rendition of a Disney song.

Spring training’s around the corner and I can’t wait. The Giants are on that every other year dynasty, and it appears they’re due up for another ring this year.

We do have spring training tickets to a Dodgers-Giants game this spring. I’m sure the only interest my daughter will have is what she’ll be eating. For me, that is just fine.